Kids Love To Have Gifts On Christmas

Christmas day is the day of birth of Jesus Christ; 2 billion people worldwide celebrate Christmas day. It is not the actual birthday of Jesus, but as there is nothing proof about the birth date of Christ, people celebrate it on 25th December, which is exactly nine months from 25th March; the day mother Mary was told that she would have a pure soul in her lap soon.

Christmas day comes with lots of excitement, joy, and happiness. People celebrate the day with great enthusiasm. All cities are celebrated in red, green, and gold in three beautiful colors-related to Jesus. Red here refers to the pure blood of Jesus; green refers to life, and gold was the first thing that Jesus had on him on the day of his birth. There are many things that a parent must keep in mind to make a celebration for their baby memorable. Let us discuss some.

Advantages of best Christmas gifts for your kids

The fundamental advantage is to shield your youngsters from risky, fanatical, or improper substance and sites. That’s why some parents and guardians make use of best baby monitor to help them watch over their kids for improper behavior or lesson.

  • The fundamental disadvantage that guardians face with the web is that they are curious about it, so they can’t scrutinize their youngsters because kids rush to learn on account of the web. This way, guardians will likewise get comfortable with the universe of web 
  • Another advantage is that numerous children can’t talk about the tormenting they are taking care of at school or on the web to their folks. Probably the best parental control applications help the guardians to perceive what messages or email their youngsters are accepting or sending 
  • Many individuals may imagine that these applications will manufacture a divider between the guardians and their kids, yet they make the relationship more grounded because they come to comprehend that the main explanation their folks are on these applications since they care about them and need to secure them 

Christmas for kids:

Schools have Christmas day celebrations, and kids make various crafts on Christmas day like a paper Christmas tree; there is craft making completion organized. Kids feel very happy about the day as they have many things to do at Christmas. You can head over to sites like Babyjourney that reviews about products and also write tips on crafts and recipes for kids.

They get lots of gifts and toys from their parents.  Some generous people shop kids’ toys online while some go to the store and get them. Kids live their world of toys, and getting a toy on Christmas makes them very happy. There are many Christmas gifts for kids available in the market like:

  • Reindeer toys
  • Small electronic Christmas trees with lights  
  • Christmas activity books; in which your kid can develop his/her skills like color recognition and that to be with fun. Those activity books contain dot matching and coloring, stories about Jesus, synonyms, antonyms, etc.
  • Christmas puzzles are one of the favorite kid’s toys.

Apart from purchasing gifts for your kids, purchase for needy kids too. Gifting them will bring a smile on their face and yours too.

To raise an emotionally stable child, you don’t have to have a partner: just be happy

For many people it is necessary that in order to raise an emotionally stable child, the figure of the father and mother are present in the child’s life. But the reality is that if these two figures exist but they do not know how to have an emotionally balanced life, are they really teaching their children good skills to be happy in life? Hardly.

The reality is that a child does not need both parents in his life to be happy, what he needs is emotional stability, regardless of whether he comes from his two parents as if he comes from one. The most important pillar for a good emotional development is that the person who takes care of the child is self-confident, has dignity towards himself and above all, is happy with the life he has chosen to lead … That is, that he enjoys living the present and pass this happiness on to your children.

Traditional society vs reality

Many people are still anchored in a traditional society, a society with already obsolete values ​​that sustains that the happiness of children is in the classic family component: father, mother and children. Even if the parents do not love each other, even if they insult each other, even if they do not know how to be parents because they are not happy … what’s the point? To conceive a child it is necessary to feel enough love to love him from the first moment he is held in his arms.

But for a child to grow up in a home where the parents do not love each other and even treat each other badly … It can be devastating for their psychological development. Having children is easy, what is not easy is being parents and making that boy or girl grow up with good emotional stability and full of happiness. What matters, therefore, is not that the boy or girl grows up with a father and a mother, but that whether he is with his mother or father only, as if he is with both, he can become a person capable of enjoying life. life, capable of growing by himself, of being a successful person with self-esteem and security.

Happiness is a way

The first thing to keep in mind when raising a child is that happiness is a path, and although life puts obstacles in our way, the important thing is that instead of victimizing life or getting into a dead end, we Let us illuminate the way ourselves looking for solutions and that the children see this inner strength and also learn from it. Happiness will not always be in our lives, happiness comes and goes and it is necessary to understand this to fight in times of adversity. 

Children need parents who instill in them values ​​such as respect, skills such as empathy and assertiveness and who also feel that they are loved every day of their life. 

Love you first to unconditionally love your children

If you are not able to love and respect yourself, how will you do it with your children? Work on your possible deficiencies so that your children do not receive them. You need to respect and love yourself so as not to fall into a toxic upbringing. Loving yourself is the most altruistic thing you can do for your children, because if you do it… You will also be working for the love you feel towards them. With or without a partner, what matters is that you love and respect yourself as a person, that you love and respect your children for who they are at all times and above all, that you transmit good values.…

Open your eyes: your children don’t have to be slaves of society to be happy

All parents in the world want their children to be happy, but it is a problem to want to avoid all the frustrations because children will grow up thinking that life is all a bed of roses. And that is not the reality. A child who grows up without frustrations of any kind will not reach happiness, if not all those frustrations avoided by parents, will become much bigger and stronger as children grow.

The world is full of frustrations and it is necessary to teach children the necessary strategies to overcome them than to teach them an unreal world just because they are (sometimes unintentionally) overprotective parents. It is important to teach children to love life, to know that happiness is a path and in no case, a goal.

If you want a happy child: open your eyes

Beware of the short path to happiness. Be careful with the magical instructions so that your child is the happiest. Your child can be happy, of course. But you must also learn to be sad, to handle anger, to know that frustrations are real … And that in order to be yourself, you should not be the slave of others. You must learn to say NO when you do not want something and you must learn to receive NO in life, because life is full of negatives.

Open your eyes. Look the life. You know that it is not easy, you know that there is stress, that bills must be paid, that there are potholes that must be jumped. Life is full of questions and sometimes terrible feelings that are difficult to handle, but they exist. And children must learn to understand these feelings, to be able to name them, so that later, they will be able to understand what is happening to them and have the necessary strategies to seek solutions and get up when they fall. But you must first, open your eyes. Allow your children to make mistakes, under your guidance to make mistakes, to understand that they are the best allies to learn and be a better version of yourself.

Do not hide reality from your children

Although you must take into account the evolutionary age of your children to be able to explain things to them in one way or another, it is important that you do not hide reality from them. DO NOT paint reality in an unreal way, do not want them to believe that life is all rosy, because life is full of nuances. Teach your children to be brave, to have courage in life, to be perseverant, to understand that responsibility and perseverance is the secret of almost anything … That the effort belongs to each one and that in life, it given away loses real value.

Avoid making your child a slave to society. Avoid believing that frustrations are the fault of others, avoid falling into the law of minimum effort that will lead to a consumer life and meaningless. You have to love life even though it is unfair, despite the fact that life hurts sometimes. Happiness will be valued much more when the positive side of suffering and the courage of wanting to move forward is understood.

Children have the right to have calm parents

Forget the alternative, traditional and any other pedagogies to educate your children. Forget them because what matters is that the children have calm parents, with emotional intelligence and who know how to respect the little ones in the house. Children have the right to enjoy their parents without worries, without measuring their words at every moment, but they also have the right that their parents are not perfect, because we are human beings. Parents also make mistakes, yell and get nervous.

But the secret is in handling these situations, in taking a deep breath and apologizing to the children so that they can see that adults respect them and take responsibility for our actions. Happiness is not having a life free of problems, it is understanding them wisely and looking for solutions that make us feel good.…