To raise an emotionally stable child, you don’t have to have a partner: just be happy

For many people it is necessary that in order to raise an emotionally stable child, the figure of the father and mother are present in the child’s life. But the reality is that if these two figures exist but they do not know how to have an emotionally balanced life, are they really teaching their children good skills to be happy in life? Hardly.

The reality is that a child does not need both parents in his life to be happy, what he needs is emotional stability, regardless of whether he comes from his two parents as if he comes from one. The most important pillar for a good emotional development is that the person who takes care of the child is self-confident, has dignity towards himself and above all, is happy with the life he has chosen to lead … That is, that he enjoys living the present and pass this happiness on to your children.

Traditional society vs reality

Many people are still anchored in a traditional society, a society with already obsolete values ​​that sustains that the happiness of children is in the classic family component: father, mother and children. Even if the parents do not love each other, even if they insult each other, even if they do not know how to be parents because they are not happy … what’s the point? To conceive a child it is necessary to feel enough love to love him from the first moment he is held in his arms.

But for a child to grow up in a home where the parents do not love each other and even treat each other badly … It can be devastating for their psychological development. Having children is easy, what is not easy is being parents and making that boy or girl grow up with good emotional stability and full of happiness. What matters, therefore, is not that the boy or girl grows up with a father and a mother, but that whether he is with his mother or father only, as if he is with both, he can become a person capable of enjoying life. life, capable of growing by himself, of being a successful person with self-esteem and security.

Happiness is a way

The first thing to keep in mind when raising a child is that happiness is a path, and although life puts obstacles in our way, the important thing is that instead of victimizing life or getting into a dead end, we Let us illuminate the way ourselves looking for solutions and that the children see this inner strength and also learn from it. Happiness will not always be in our lives, happiness comes and goes and it is necessary to understand this to fight in times of adversity. 

Children need parents who instill in them values ​​such as respect, skills such as empathy and assertiveness and who also feel that they are loved every day of their life. 

Love you first to unconditionally love your children

If you are not able to love and respect yourself, how will you do it with your children? Work on your possible deficiencies so that your children do not receive them. You need to respect and love yourself so as not to fall into a toxic upbringing. Loving yourself is the most altruistic thing you can do for your children, because if you do it… You will also be working for the love you feel towards them. With or without a partner, what matters is that you love and respect yourself as a person, that you love and respect your children for who they are at all times and above all, that you transmit good values.